Hi, this your boy ReyRey, in my garage I have three bicycles stacked against each other leaning on the wall. In order for me to get one of the bikes, sometimes I have to move the other bikes just to get to the one I want. ” Pain in the neck”. Well, I found this neat gadget called the Bike Clip which is an Indoor Outdoor Wall-mounted Bicycle Rack Storage system. It sounds like a bulky big system you put in your garage or room or wherever to stow away your bike but it’s not, it’s 1.57in by 2.95in by 3.15in that comes with two screws. It’s a great space saver and it comes in different colors to go with the motif of your home. Now getting your bike is simple as Iny Meany Mighty Mo, which one do I want to take and go. click on the link and check it out.


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