Apple Products

Now when it comes to technology the brand that I like using is Apple. I have an iPhone, apple watch, Ipad and a Mac desktop. I do use windows products (Dell laptop) because of my job. The apple products are less susceptible to viruses. I’m not saying that they don’t get viruses but it’s more difficult to get a virus on a apple product because the ios (Internetwork operating System) or better known as the (iPhone Operating system) is a closed system. You can’t download to it, or from it, unless it’s within the tightly controlled apple universe. You see the windows’s and Androids’s platform are a open-source where viruses can spread themselves by propagating across an operating system compromising program after programs. for example, the iPad doesn’t allow apps to talk to each other, without direct intervention from the user. So if you are looking for a computer or phone that’s pretty reliable check out the apple products.

I have supplied you with a link to check out some apple products at a more reasonable cost to you. up to 50% off . Click on the link below and do so window shopping. You might see something you like.


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