How did the day after Thanksgiving become Black Friday?

In 1941, Congress passed a law that made Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday in November. In the 1950’s people started to call in sick the day after Thanksgiving. They gave themselves a four day weekend so that they can get a head start on their holiday shopping. They try to stay under the radar and not get caught by their boss from work. Most businesses started adding Friday as another paid holiday than trying to determine whose pay should be cut, and who was legitimately sick.

In 1966 the Black Friday name became famous. The Philadelphia Police Department had used the name to describe the shopping chaos at downtown stores. There were traffic accidents and sometimes violence. Eventually Black Friday changed from a negative connotation to a positive one. Businesses were doing so well in profit on Black Friday it became to be known as the “Profit and Discount day.” To encourage more people to shop on Black Friday retailers began to offer deep discounts only available on that day.

So now Black Friday means profitable profitable Friday to retailing and the rest of the economy. Accountants use “Black” to signify profit when recording each day’s book entries and “Red” to indicate a loss. So “Black ” is Good.

Retailers want Black Friday to be a positive event but some shoppers, intent on getting good deal, have turned it into Black-Eye Friday. In recent years the best Black Friday deals are not on Black Friday. With the popularity of online shopping “Cyber Monday” offering the same great deals in the comfort of your own home, many are resorting to online shopping.

Also in Mid December many people are beginning to shop on “Green Monday” to take advantage of last-minute bargains. With that said, I am an affiliate with a few businesses like Amazon, Best Buys and Walmart. below are some links to these businesses where you can get a heads up on some great deals for the holidays. If you go through my links, I would get a commission and I would greatly appreciate it. This your Boy ReyRey, “Happy Holidays”.


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