Mask vs no Mask

The word of God says ” If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

Now today I read that the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in Florida has band the wearing of mask for all deputies and visitors to the Sheriff’s Office. That’s a strange decision in the middle of a pandemic situation (Covid19). Mask are a vital public tool to help slow the spread of the coronavirus according to the CDC. So why in the world wood Sheriff Billy Woods band the wearing of mask for all his employees and visitors to the Sheriff’s Office? Woods sited anti-police sentiment as one reason for the new band, strongly hinting that someone might enter the Sheriff’s Office for nefarious ( wicked or criminal activity) purposes and would be unidentifiable with a mask. He also stated, due to the sentiment and or hatred towards law enforcement in our country today he wants to have a clear communication that everyone entering the Sheriff’s Office is identifiable.

I understand his point, but to risk his employee’s getting the corona is kind of defeating the purpose of protecting his people. Someone could go in the Sheriff’s Office knowing they have the virus just to spread it. My suggestion to Sheriff Billy Woods is to get his employee’s clear mask and get a message out to the community that they can visit the Sheriff’s Office wearing a clear mask so that their face can be identifiable to all.

If anyone would like to purchase clear mask, click on the picture link below so that way you can be identifiable and safe from the virus at the same time.



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